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How you think, you feel. How you feel, you vibrate. How you vibrate, you attract. For this reason, on many occasions your mind is in conflict, since it is in a situation that it does not know how to solve. This blockage is usually accompanied by unprocessed emotions and therefore, your life is in chaos. I have been a Shaman and life coach for many people for 20 years, so I can assure you that there are always alternatives to remove that blockage that does not allow you to move forward. My words strengthen, giving you the opportunity to heal and start over.

Healing sessions are available in English and Spanish, anywhere in the world, online via Zoom and other platforms

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What age do you want to be?

Yes, you read that right, how old do you want to be? There are various ways of measuring the passage of time in each of us, for example, the birth record of course (place, day, hour, minute you physically arrived in this world). However, it is generally society and in most cases, your family, who imposes your age. And if you allow it, you already messed up! 🙊 How many times have you been told (and you have said) these phrases throughout your life:

At age 15:

- I want to take ballet classes-

- How do you think you will learn ballet? That would have been when you were 3 or 4 years old. You're too old for that

At age 25:

- Aren't you planning to finish your degree or what? -

- The thing is, I'm not sure I want to be a lawyer and I'm thinking of changing careers. What I really like is literature -

- Are you crazy or what, what do you plan to live on? And at what age do you plan to finish studying? at 32? At that age and for what? Think about it because you're running out of time -

At age 35:

- Hey, if you don't plan to get married at least have a child so you don't stay alone. you're getting old

At age 45:

- Take care of your work because at your age you will not find anything else -

- But I'm sick of this, I'm thinking of quitting. I want to try something else… -

- You're crazy! You've already been here for 20 years, better wait until you retire (just another 15 years, what does it matter) -

At age 55:

- I want to get a divorce, I can't stand my marriage anymore. I think you can live better

- You're crazy! That would have been 20 years ago, now what for? Also, you are over 50 years old, who do you think is going to love you? You better put up with how you are, total, you've already been with him for 30 years and you've grown old by his side -

At 65:

- I'm going to start a business -

- You? You're crazy! That would have been 30 years ago, when you still had strength. Better take care of your grandchildren, that way you help more -

At age 75:

- I'm going to learn German, I always wanted to -

- And what for! That would have been 30 years ago, you are already one step at a time from death –

At 90 years old:

- Some friends invited me to go “puebloando” and I am considering going -

- How do you think you'll be able to? You are already senile! What if you have a heart attack? (although the 90-year-old is less overweight and has less heart problems than her 40-year-old interlocutor 🤐) Look, you better sit down (or what is the same, don't get in the way). -

99% ​​of us have at some time found ourselves in any of the situations I have mentioned. Fortunately, some of us have freed ourselves from mental ties and decided to simply live in harmony with father time, and not against him (because you will never beat him). We have also decided to live each moment intensely, following only our desires and making our decisions at our own risk, without allowing the mental limitations of others to limit us.

Do you know what the life expectancy is for women today? 80 years. That means that we can easily reach 90 years and more. For this reason, I ask you again: How old do you want to be? I hope you tell me that the one that the beating of your heart gives you when you hear words of love in your ear, or the one that the wind gives you when it runs through of your hair, or the one you feel when you start a new project.

Live, and live intensely! Live “The here and now” because the past is gone, and only what is enjoyed and what is learned remains; and the future does not exist, you build it day by day.

This is my secret to eternal youth 💋💋💋

2022 Jackie Soto “The Shaman”

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