Bracelet with elephant and coin charms
Broche with eyes, key, and sun charms
Bracelet with tree and eyes
Bracelet with key, sun, moon, and star charms
Copper rings with Amber and carnelian stones
Colorful painted skull

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Jacqueline Soto Estrada

We are all energy saved in a container that we call the human body, and it is such a powerful force that we can achieve everything we set out to do, but the vast majority do not do it because they do not know how to do it. I can guide you to change your life through my Shamanic Healing and Life Coaching in which I will use three healing steps: Thought, Word, Materialization. We will take the first two steps through the spiritual therapy that you will have with me and for the third step, I will design an amulet made exclusively for you, according to your needs and lifestyle.

As a part of your therapy with me I will design an amulet to bring you balance and protection

Healing sessions are available in English and Spanish, anywhere in the world, online via Zoom and other platforms

old fashioned key

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Your Horoscope July 2022

Each month I take the 22 Arcans and use my intuition and my conection with them to share guidance for every sign.